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For those of you that have not heard of HP Tuners we provide vehicle calibration solutions for the professional tuner, and for the hobbyist that is learning how to tune on their own. If you are interested in learning more about our MPVI2 interface and VCM Suite 4 software, please visit our website -

Welcome to the Help Center Search. Categories. HP Tuners 101; Software Support; Hardware Support; Account and Website. Dodge tuning basics using HPtuners, in this video i walk you through the operation of HPtuners First, there is the HP Tuners forum 0/4L80e from the factory as my 5 I should have the module by monday and can start jumping into my 2011 A6 1 1 into a 69.

Joined Feb 22, 2009. 1,409 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 6, 2019. With lots of work going in, complete 48RE tuning on HP Tuners coming available by me. There is A LOT more available to be tuned than what HP Tuners, Smarty and EFI.

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You cant do it with EFILive, you need to have it flashed with a HPT cable (unless you can find the original tuner, its going to cost you 2 credits or whatever a shop wants to charge). Im not even sure if you can flash it back to stock with a Tech II or not, Id suggest looking on HPT's forum to see if you can do that. ~Erik~. Tuning Information VE VF L98 L76 L77 Commodore & LS2 LS3 HSV Author: Steve Bennett VE Tuning - VF Tuning for both HSV & Commodores E38 ECM GM in Australia started using the E38 Engine Computer Module (ECM) in 2005 with the Holden VZ 6L (the HSV 6L 297 used the E40) and then continued to use the E38 ECM in the VE V8s and now the VF V8s.

Full tuning set including checklists and tuning trees 3 Checklists Heads cam and supporting (4 pages) Bolt ons and minor mods (3 pages) Forced Induction and supporting mods (4 pages) 2 Tuning trees GM gen3 vehicles (2 pages) GM gen4 vehicles (2 pages) 4 Course Books Level 1 GM Beginners (331 pages) Level 1 MAF & VE guide (58 pages).

Real Time Tuning the VE Table with HP Tuners 13,711 views Sep 1, 2019 237 Dislike Share Save Lowbuck LS 9.51K subscribers In this episode I go over how to use the Real Time.

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